FITMOM provides prenatal, postnatal and beyond fitness, yoga, personal training and birth services. FITMOM is designed to meet the needs of moms to be, new moms and veteran moms interested in health and wellness in the childbearing years. FITMOM was "conceived" by Andrea Page in April of 2000.

The foundation of FITMOM dates back to April 1999 following the birth of Andrea's first son, Akua. Andrea was shocked by the change in her emotional and physical well-being post-birth. She had gained weight and lost motivation. Having been active all her life she had never imagined she would be facing issues of low body image and lethargy. She realized that pregnant women and new and experienced moms have unique physical and emotional needs that require special support. It was Andrea's experiences and challenges as a new mom to AKUA combined with a desire to help others that inspired FITMOM. Since then Andrea has given birth to two other boys, Isaiah on March 1, 2003 and Moses September 19, 1999. It is with this added experience of being a mother of 3 she continues to strive for solutions for busy moms who want the best for their health and wellness that fosters commitment to family.

Andrea Page and her knowledge was selected to contribute to the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada's guide "Healthy Beginnings" and received numerous awards for achievements including being selected one of Canada's Top Ten Momprenuers. As an American College of Exercise Education certified personal trainer, with additional training and certificates in prenatal and postnatal fitness, Kripalu prenatal Yoga teacher training certificate, and experienced Doula with additional training in Childbirth education Andrea founded FITMOM on a wealth of knowledge that doesn't stop there. Having begun her own fitness career as a competitive gymnast, Andrea was an O.G.F. certified gymnastics coach with 6 years of coaching experience including developmental programs designed for preschool children. She has focused the last 15 years on fitness instruction and personal training specializing in women. Andrea is a dedicated fitness enthusiast with a background in Human Services counseling and most importantly she is a mother of 3 boys and understands the challenges and needs of moms.

FITMOM promotes the benefits of exercise in a healthy pregnancy as well as advocates the closeness and enjoyment moms can experience while exercising with infants, toddlers and even older children without dumbing down the programming. FITMOM combines technical with lifestyle counseling skills to format a unique program that allows moms to involve their children in their fitness activities while simultaneously enhancing the social and physical development of their child. FITMOM embraces the philosophy that fitness when combined with a health-conscious attitude provides the balance required to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle while juggling motherhood and other responsibilities. FITMOM also recognizes that this process is unique to each woman's individuality and life priorities.

FITMOM is a pioneer in the evolution of prenatal and postnatal wellness. In doing so FITMOM has helped over 10,000 women strive for the best possible outcomes through optimal wellness during the childbearing years.

The FITMOM program offers services across Canada and has made their highly recognized DVD series and e-books available across North America and now breaks international borders.