PURPOSE: A class offered at request for moms, who have returned to work and want to continue getting back into shape postpartum.

DESCRIPTION: A high intensity workout for moms (and non moms) who want to workout without their little ones. This program is designed to maximize metabolism. Modifications are provided beginner to advanced.


Each of our programs can be custom fit to your specific needs. So wether it is weight-loss, abdominal separation or a perfect pregnancy workout-we have a solution for everyone.

Who should consider private coaching?


Athletes who need to be assessed and have professionally designed supplemental programs Busy working moms to be who need a more flexible schedule Women who need more support to stay consistent Moms to be with injuries or complications that need modifications.


  • New moms with abdominal separation
  • Moms who need extra support to achieve their goals.
  • Those who are highly athletic who want to avoid injury.
  • Moms with multiple kids who can't make it to a class.


Women who are moms who have any type of goal they need support, motivation and professional guidance.


In your home or office based on availability.

Via Skype

Perfect for moms who want to do it after kids are in bed, or while travelling for work or pleasure. At FITMOM we have offered professional guidance from CANADA TO JAPAN.

You will never miss a session!



FITMOM Skype packages
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