5 sessions - Private Coaching Online #16183
In the comfort of you home globally work with the Internationally recognized FITMOM. Use these sessions to create, implement and execute a successful program. RESULTS GUARANTEED Each session 40 minutes. Includes Eguide!
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FITMOM - The Success Plan - 20 minute workouts x 10 #16171
FITMOM brings back the 20 minute workout made for busy moms and moms to be. How does it work ? 20 minute sessions make regularity a cinch. You and your trainer Skype 3,4 even 5 times a week so you can be consistent , see results and actually make the time. This is a much better solution than 10 45 or 1 hour sessions which is time so hard to find on a daily basis. 20 minutes though- that time can be found. Decide you need a longer session one day? Just use two! In the comfort of your own home work with a live trainer online to create and execute your program. Save time and money! Make your commitment to a healthy body and healthy baby today
Empowered Pregnancy Online Training Plan #16202
A package of oodles of support including live coaching group , private and digital recordings 2 classes per week for 3 months 3 prenatal sessions with program design and Fitmom 2 be fitness DVD Fitmom Yoga Vibe for birth DVD 1 postnatal fitness readiness session and assessment.
Restore your core and keep your long term health on track.
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40 Days To FITMOM
40 days to FITMOM is back! A 40 day challenge designed just for you. Includes a lifestyle assessment, daily coaching, 5 Skype training sessions, journal review and weekly coached plans! If you are ready to challenge yourself to make some lasting changes now is your chance. This is geared towards moms at any stage of motherhood and is designed to support change without added burden or stress. Ready , set , grow !
Eat cleaner 30 day challenge
This 30 day challenge is meant to help you overcome the hurdles of healthy eating which are emotional, financial and time constraints while addressing the root causes of eating habits that do not serve us.
Fitmom Empowered Pregnancy Series-
Join Fitmom 2 Be Online Yoga /Fitness combo for expecting mamas. Tuesdays at 630 pm Come and join leader in prenatal and postnatal fitness Andrea Page for a wholistic pregnancy wellness class that integrates prenatal fitness , yoga , personal training and birth readiness. This class includes Modifications for all fitness levels and stages of pregnancy. Exercises to help strengthen and create more mobility in your changing body. Techniques for reducing pregnancy discomfort through pregnancy. Ways to use fitness and yoga for birth and recovery Lots more! All levels . https://app.punchpass.net/org/3475/calendar